Porto-novo | A visit to the statue of king toffa

Hy lovelies! happy weekend to you all. visiting places as always been one thing I love doing so much that gives me great joy and also having to meet people and getting explanation based on what I don’t know let just say I’m always inquisitive to know things I have no idea about.

On this faithful day i got dressed up had no idea where to take pictures for my blog then a friend suggested an area very close to the grande marche in Porto novo on getting to the place I saw there was really no place I could actually take my pictures then we had to move to a garden close by and then I sighted the  statue of the former king of Porto novo whose name is toffa, had thought of just taking the picture of the statue when a man came by and told me while not go there and take your pictures but you just have to pay 100 CFA before you can take your pictures, since 100cfa wasn’t much I paid and made sure I snapped to my satisfaction.

King Toffa I (c.1850-1908) was a ruler of the kingdom of Hogbonu, or Ajase, an area of Benin which today is known as Porto-Novo.

Upon becoming ruler in 1874, he was renowned for his openness and cooperation with the colonial powers. He encouraged his employees to attend French schools to receive western education and was also tolerant of Islam and Christianity entering the country and coexisting with traditional endogenous religions such as Animism or OrishaHowever, the alliance between Toffa I and the kings of Abomey was never successful. He established the Order of the Black Star in 1889. The palace which he lived in, located in Porto-Novo, is now a royal museum, providing a valuable insight into royal life during his reign. A statue of Toffa is located in Porto-Novo.

Would love to explore the city of Porto Novo more and also maybe Cotonou before I finish my schooling here. As always.

        Till next time…..

                    Stay glued

                      Stay happy

What country in west Africa would you like to visit? Drop your comments below.


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