Celebration of the dead in bénin republic

Hey everyone! Happy new month to you a “November to Remember”, For those on holiday hope it going just fine? Let head into todays post.

Celebration of the dead is one thing that is been done in most country which is today the 1st of November, I will be discussing with you how the celebration is been done in bénin republic as seen on the title of this blog post.

The day of the dead is done by Catholic and the Protestant, some believes that the soul of the dead departed returns to visit their loved ones to provide of give council to them. The families of the departed goes to their graveyards to do some cleaning, decoration lighting of candles the go as far as preparing food for the dead and placing it on their graveyard the also go with their children they eat, sing and tell stories of the deceased to them, it as always been and would always be a happy day for them.

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Do you think as a Christian this kind of celebration should be done? Let me know in the comment box👇👇

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